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To visit

San Vigilio Castle (at 2.2 km) = a XIV century fortress in a beautiful panoramic location, redeveloped in the XVI century from an original Lombard era building.

San Vigilio funicular (at 1.8 km ) = typical cable way, built in 1912 which connects the gate of Porta San Alessandro with San Vigilio’s castle bastions and  was an auxiliary local transport and is now a tourist attraction.

Cittadella square (at 1.8 km) = lower square, the only building still standing of the ancient military citadel built by the Visconti family during the Milan domination of the XIV century. Embellished by the typical shape of the Adalberto Tower (XIII century, but already existing in the X century) the citadel today houses the Archeological Museum and the Natural Science Museum “E. Caffi”.

Piazza Vecchia (at 2.2 km) = well known and admired example of Renaissance architecture, and it has been the centre of the city life since the XV century.Embellished by the Contarini fountain which was a present to the city by a chief magistrate from Venice in 1780, it has the Palazzo Nuovo in the background (the house of the Civic Library); the Palazzo was built by following a design by Vincenzo Scamozzi. In the square the shape of the civic tower, or Campanone, rises, this is a noble tower from the XII century bought by the town in the XVI century and used as a bell tower to mark public assemblies.

Palazzo della Ragione (at 2.3 km) = the most ancient town hall in Italy, dates back to the end of the XII century and it is the main part of the Piazza Vecchia. It was restructured and completed in the XVI century by the architect Pietro Isabello who also built the Sala delle Capriate which was the heart of the administration life of the city for five centuries.

Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica (at 2.5 km) = this is a characteristic example of a “civic church” whose building dates back to the half of the XII century; it was used as a hall for the city council public assemblies. In the XIV century it was annexed and embellished in the building and the decorative structure in order to achieve the present Baroque style in the second half of the XVII century. The final effect of a church/treasure chest is given by paintings from the fourteenth century inspired by Giotto, Florentine and Flemish tapestries, a wooden choir exceptionally adorned. The church has no fronts or main entrances but it is as rich just the same.

Sant’Alessandro Cathedral (at 2.5 km)

Baptistery (at 2.5 km)

Carrara Academy of Fine Arts (at 4.2 km)

GAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery (at 4.3 km)

Sant’Agostino church and monastery which today houses the University of Bergamo (at 3.5 km)

San Giuseppe D’Astino Monastery (at 3.8 km )

Hot to move

Bicycle path from Baioni to the Madonna della Castagna Shrine (10 km) 950 away

Upper Town funicular (Mercato delle Scarpe square) at 2.6 km

Bergamo railway station at 5.7 km

Bus ATB21 from Castagneta to San Vigilio = bus stop at 400 meters

Bus ATB1 from Colle Aperto to Torre de’ Roveri = bus stop at 1.7 km

What to eat

Some good restaurants

Besides the restaurants we suggested there is a wide choice of bars and restaurants in Upper Town, from 1.8 km